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Charlotte Chamber CEO 'sets the record straight' on claims of new Panthers stadium tax


Charlotte Chamber CEO and President Bob Morgan "set the record straight" Tuesday about reports that the chamber is advocating a tax to help the Carolina Panthers.

In a video posted on YouTube Tuesday, Morgan said any claims of the chamber proposing a tax to keep the team in the city are false.

Mecklenburg Board of County Commissioners Pat Cotham told WBTV that Morgan talked about "city, county, state collaborating to help the Panthers" at a meeting. Cotham said she "stood up and said that the county did not have a revenue stream for sports etc. but the city did" in which she said Morgan responded, "we could add a tax."

However, the chamber disagrees with Cotham's statement. Despite the chamber refuting any proposed tax claims, the CEO said the Panthers are a “tremendous economic development and community asset” and the chamber is dedicated to keeping the team in Charlotte.

Additionally, the chamber released a statement Monday rejecting claims of proposing a new tax.

“While the Charlotte Chamber has no formal role in the pending sale of the Carolina Panthers, we are the lead advocate on behalf of the business community ensuring that our city, county and state remain competitive for the retention of the team. It is premature to infer what the organization and our volunteer leadership may or may not support in the future."

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