Shooting at Plaza Midwood club just the latest that has neighbors, police concerned

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Early Sunday morning when a woman fired shots in the parking lot of Crystal Reggae Club, it once again put the Plaza Midwood business under the microscope, making it the latest issue at the location.

Police say the shooting started with a fight inside Crystal Reggae Club on The Plaza. Officers say security removed a woman, identified by police as Kadijah Goosby, who allegedly started the altercation. They say she then went across the street to her car, retrieved a gun, and went back to the club.

Police say the security guard saw Goosby coming back with a gun, intercepted her and pinned her hand with the gun against a car in the parking lot.

Investigators say she continued to struggle and fired several shots. One bullet hit an innocent woman who was standing in line to get in the club. The victim was not seriously hurt. Goosby was arrested.

Some neighbors who didn't want to be identified say the club has been a thorn in the neighborhood's side. They say for years they've dealt with loud noise coming from the music in the club, and customers parking where-ever they want with no regard for private property.

A police source says the shooting over the weekend is just the latest reason they're concerned about the location. Officers say there have been assaults, thefts, and disturbing the peace issues in the area around the club.

SBI's Alcohol Law Enforcement tells WBTV they too are concerned and that they're looking into the circumstances surrounding the shooting incident.

Agents say they're submitting a report for prior violations and if they find any discrepancies over the past weekend they'll file another report to the ABC Commission in Raleigh.

WBTV has learned Crystal Reggae Club is going before the state's ABC Commission this month for prior ABC violations. WBTV also received documentation that shows the club is facing a ten-day ABC permit suspension starting May 18. That suspension could be avoided if the owner pays a $1,000 fine before May 11.

Charlotte's Code Enforcement has also had dealings with Crystal Reggae Club.

WBTV checked the city's website and found a list of violations - including a recent case when Crystal Reggae Club was cited for failure to obtain a building permit for a deck that was constructed.

Code Enforcement says in order for the club to come into compliance, the owner will need to pull permits for the structures added to the back of the building and if it's not up to code, the club will have to remove it.

Neither the club's owner nor attorney returned our calls.

A man who was at the club Monday afternoon told WBTV that the club built the deck with a noise reduction wall to address the noise complaints.

Code Enforcement says there's also a cease and desist after hours outside drinking and cease and desist current use as a rental car business that is not allowed.

The club says they're not running an illegal car rental business. The man at the club said someone put a sign up on their property and they've asked him to take it down.

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