New Indian Land shopping center creating excitement and economic change

(Bria Bell | WBTV)
(Bria Bell | WBTV)
(Bria Bell | WBTV)
(Bria Bell | WBTV)

INDIAN LAND, SC (WBTV) - A new development just south of Ballantyne is only half finished but is already attracting people across state lines.

The Red Stone Shopping Center just off 521 is open - with two restaurants and a movie theater. When it's all finished, it is expected to bring in big money for Indian Land and making the City of Light a little bit brighter.

Indian Land is no longer just a town you drive through to get to your next destination, but a quick stop for locals to hang out, grab a bite to eat, or catch a new movie.

Maria O'Sullivan lives in Indian Land and has three daughters she tries to keep busy. She says finding family activities is less of a struggle with the new shopping center nearby.

"I love it. I think it's amazing to have all these things close to us because usually you'd have to drive over half an hour to do anything that's fine, and having this close to us makes it so much easier especially when you have little kids," says O'Sullivan.

This is just the beginning - there is a lot more in store for the development as crews continue to break ground on phase two of the project. Coffee shops, retail stores, salons, and other business will make their way to Red Stone.

It could possibly give the town the economic boost its been looking for, says Indian Land native Jalissa Lewis.

"There's a lot of people coming into Indian Land so there's no way to avoid it. When you start getting a lot of people, you start getting growth. People want things closer to them," says Lewis.

Through all of the excitement so far, there is one complaint.

"There's a lot of traffic. I guess a lot of people want to be around good things so there's just a lot of traffic," says Lewis.

As things continue to progress with the development plan, people in the area will slowly start to see other restaurants and businesses open at Redstone.

As of right now, a set completion date is not available.

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