Five prison employees injured on the job this week

Five prison employees injured on the job this week

JACKSON, NC (WBTV) - Two corrections officers were injured while working at Odom Correctional Facility on Wednesday, bringing the number of officers injured on the job just this week to five.

The injuries come as the result of an attack by an inmate at the prison on a female corrections sergeant and a second male officer, a prison spokeswoman confirms to WBTV.

The spokeswoman said inmate Raven Young struck the female sergeant with his fist. A second officer attempted to subdue Young, the spokeswoman said, and injured his leg in the process.

Sources tell WBTV the two employees were taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries and released a short time later.

The prison spokeswoman said charges are being pursued against Young.

"The department is grateful the incident was brought under control quickly and that there were no serious injuries," prison spokeswoman Pam Walker said.

The attack at Odom CI comes the same day as two separate attacks at a different state prison, Maury Correctional Institution.

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A prisons spokeswoman told WRAL that one corrections officer was injured in an attack at Maury on Wednesday morning.

A second attack occurred just hours later, the spokeswoman told WRAL, when an inmate walked up behind a case manager and hit them on the head with a fist. The spokeswoman said a prisons supervisor was injured while trying to break up the inmate and case manager. Neither the case manager nor the supervisor received serious injuries, the station reported.

This week's attacks bring the total number of known corrections officers injured by inmate attacks while working inside a state prison to 16 in just the past two months.

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Previously, prison leaders have refused requests from WBTV to answer questions in an on-camera interview; lied about staff being attacked at a state prison in February, and forced a WBTV cameraman to stop recording video of a prison and leave a publicly-accessible parking lot.

The prison system falls under the North Carolina Department of Public Safety, led by Secretary Erik Hooks, who reports to Governor Roy Cooper.

Cooper's office has refused to comment about the ongoing attacks on staff at state prisons and state leaders' refusal to discuss the issues on-camera.

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