Planning to tie the knot? Here's how much it will cost you

Planning to tie the knot? Here's how much it will cost you
(Credit: Wendy McCarty)

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The national average cost of a wedding is $33,391, excluding the honeymoon, according to a 2017 report from The Knot.

So how are couples spending their wedding budgets?

Nearly 13,000 couples married in 20147 were surveyed by The Knot and unique venues and guest experience take priority in budgets.

It's all in the details!

If you've been married, or are planning a wedding, you know how many specifics there really are. From silverware choice to music preference - the list gets long. What type of flowers will you choose? Wait - will you even have flowers?

Photographer or videographer? Food and drink choices? Colors and centerpieces? Where will uncle Bob sit?

Luckily, it all comes together - eventually.

"While both the average spend and guest headcount have decreased, the average cost per guest has reached an all-time high at $268 (up from $194 in 2009)," The Knot reports. "Custom guest entertainment has more than tripled, with up to 40 percent of newlyweds saying they splurged on fun reception amenities (think: sparklers, selfie stations, lawn games, candy bars and musical performances)."

The decrease apparently is due to fewer formal black-tie weddings. More couples seem to be into the "rustic elegant" style wedding - which allows the couple's story to shine but requires fewer embellishments. Couples appear to be choosing venues that reflect their personalities.

But culture, heritage, and religion are still important to many tying the knot. "Twenty-one percent of couples incorporated a traditional cultural element, including a Chinese tea ceremony, Irish bagpipers, Moroccan belly dancers and traditional Hindu ceremonies," The Knot reports.

Below are the national average prices spent in wedding budgets, according to The Knot:

  • Venue: $15,163
  • Photographer: $2,630
  • Wedding/event planner: $1,988
  • Reception/band: $4,019
  • Florist/decor: $2,379
  • Videographer: $1,912
  • Wedding dress: $1,509
  • Groom's attire: $268
  • Wedding cake: $540
  • Ceremony site: $2,311
  • Ceremony musicians: $761
  • Catering price per person: $70
  • Transportation: $830
  • Favors: $262
  • Rehearsal dinner: $1,285
  • Engagement ring: $5,764
  • Invitations: $408
  • Hair/make-up: $966

According to tradition, the bride's parents are expected to pay for the wedding and the groom's parents pay for the rehearsal dinner. But today, many are breaking tradition with couples paying fully or partly for their own wedding.

On average, 44.5 percent of weddings are paid by the bride's parents and 41.1 percent of weddings are paid by the couple, according to The Knot. Around 12.7 percent of weddings are paid by the groom's parents and 1.79 percent of weddings are paid by "other."

Happy planning!

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