VIDEO: Piglets burned in house fire are almost healed, and they're cuter than ever

INDIAN TRAIL, NC (WBTV) - Six little piglets are recovering nicely after being burned in a house fire two weeks ago. Right now, the little guys are being treated at the Carolina Waterfowl Rescue in Indian Trail.

The 2-week-old piglets, believed to be of the pot-bellied family, are almost completely healed, the rescue's animal care manager Maria Brenes says.

"They needed the oxygen, then they needed the medicated creams we put on them. They're already losing the burned skin and looking a lot better."

Brenes said when the piglets first arrived, "They didn't want to eat, they were sad."

The babies were picked up at Carolina Waterfowl by an independent rescue, which a woman runs out of her home. The woman's home caught fire, injuring the piglets and killing several of the woman's animals.

Like many babies, the piglets are being fed a special formula every three hours. To see their feedings, you really get a sense of where the phrase "eat like a pig" comes from.

"They are even warming up to us – they like the belly rubs. They will come to you when you get in their cage," Brenes said of the piglets.

The adorable babies, once healed, will be put up for adoption.

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