Are you smelling smoke outside? This is probably why.

(Sky3 | WBTV)
(Sky3 | WBTV)

YORK COUNTY, SC (WBTV) - Were you smelling smoke outside on Thursday afternoon? If so, chances are the smell was coming from one of two controlled burns in York County.

The fires, being controlled by Wildlife Management, were burning just east of McConnells. One fire, which was about seven acres, was burning in the Draper Wildlife Management area. The other, a 34-acre fire, was burning just south of the first.

Both fires are about 36 miles south of the Charlotte area. Chief Meteorologist Eric Thomas said the wind blowing in from the southwest carried the smoke into the area.

Thomas said rain moving in overnight should help knock down any smoke left.

Officials have not yet said what the burns were for.

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