Alexander sheriff wants restitution from those who threaten schools

TAYLORSVILLE, NC (WBTV) - Alexander County Sheriff Chris Bowman says people who make false threats against schools, causing a massive response of emergency officials, should have to reimburse local agencies for the cost of it.

Bowman says he has already submitted bills to the courts for cases of kids with guns at school and a bomb threat that was made recently. In that case, a parent is charged with making the threat. The school had to be evacuated and searched.

The sheriff says man hours were enough to submit a bill of about $2,500.

"I just feel it is unfair to taxpayers for our officers to be tied up in those investigations," Bowman said.

A judge would have to order the reimbursement. They often require defendants to repay some court costs and attorney fees and will ask in open court for a total.

Bowman says he is not waiting to be asked, he is submitting bills before the cases go to trial. He believes the one responsible for the threat, or their parents if it was a juvenile, should have to pay the costs.

Parents at the school that was threatened two weeks ago agree with the effort.

"If you are gonna say something that is false, you gotta take the consequences for what you do," said one mom.

Authorities hope the prospect of a big bill will make some people think twice before making a false threat to a school.

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