Two arrested after fist fight turns to shootout at Charlotte gas station

Two arrested after fist fight turns to shootout at Charlotte gas station
Watkins and Perry (Mecklenburg County Jail)
Watkins and Perry (Mecklenburg County Jail)

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Two people were taken into custody after a shooting at a gas station in northeast Charlotte Thursday afternoon.

Corby Watkins, 44, is charged with two counts of discharging a weapon into occupied property. Keonte Perry, 25, is charged with discharging a firearm in city limits.

The shooting happened at a BP gas station at the intersection of Cinderella Road and W Sugar Creek Road. The manager of the store told WBTV that two men came in and it appeared as though the two had some sort of history.

Kevin Muwakhil says the men didn't say much to each other but their body language said something was wrong. Next thing Muwakhil knew the two men got in a fight. He says he and a customer broke up the fight and tossed the men out of the store.

"Then we heard the first shot," Muwakhil said. "We heard the first shot. I immediately locked the store down. When we locked the store down – the guy actually was in his car looking for his gun and was shooting back."

A bullet hit the store and broke the glass, but Muwakhil believes the shooting could have been a lot worse.

Police in the area heard the shots and arrived quickly.

"Just so happens some officers were going by, going towards Tryon," Muwakhil said. "They stopped, shut down Sugar Creek, came in and apprehended one guy who had the gun. The other guy got away."

Police say several shots were fired outside the store. They say the car that was hit had multiple bullet holes.

Officers say they recovered a gun at the scene.

"I pretty much protected everybody in the store by locking the store down," Muwakhil said. "I have a kill switch where nobody can come in and nobody can leave. Based upon shots being fired, bullet doesn't have a name it can hit anybody or any random person."

Officers were riding along the 500 block of W. Sugar Creek Road when they heard gunshots.

No injuries were reported.

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