Microblading: The latest trend in semi-permanent makeup

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Permanent makeup is making a comeback in the Charlotte area with a new procedure called microblading.

This new beauty trend is essentially a form of tattooing that involves a tiny blade that's used to apply a semi-permanent color to a person's eyebrows

"Like an artist, you just sit there and you create hair marks to make it look more natural. It's not that blocked out filled in look," Haley Tran, who is a cosmetologist and owner of Strands Microblading, said.

Tran says like many beauty procedures, there's a little bit of pain involved. "It's a little bit sore afterwards like a normal tattoo that you would get," Tran said.

But she says temporary discomfort leads to months of convenience. "If you're tired of filling in your eyebrows, this is what you do," she said.

Tran said the color lasts for about 18 months.

Nearly two years ago, Tran said she went to a school and was trained on how to do the procedure correctly. She said the state also required her to get a tattoo permit before providing the service to customers.

"Anyone practicing microblading in North Carolina needs to have a tattoo permit," Tim Dutcher, who is the environmental health supervisor for Mecklenburg County, said.

Dutcher said consumers shouldn't solely depend on health department regulations if they're thinking about getting the procedure done.

"I would make sure that they have some type of training," Dutcher said. "Because the tattoo permit does not require any type of artistic ability. We are making sure that they're not spreading disease from one person to the next."

Tran and Dutcher said if a consumer is thinking about microblading, then they should do their homework because the semi-permanent makeup isn't coming off anytime soon.

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