NFL Commish talks about Panthers sale, investigation on final day of meeting.

ORLANDO, FL (WBTV) - Following four days of National Football League meetings in Orlando, the rumored price tag for the Carolina Panthers remains in the neighborhood of $2.5 billion.

That amount is expected to be a record for an NFL team, as Panther's owner Jerry Richardson considers a number of offers.

Team owners say they hope to have the process wrapped up in a matter of weeks.

Speaking to reporters at the end of the gathering, Commissioner Roger Goodell appeared to be pleased with the progress that's being made in finding a new owner for the team.

The sales process is moving along. I was talking to Jerry as well as the leadership team about that process," Goodell said.

"It's moving along with unprecedented interest, and we're excited by that and I would expect it come to a conclusion sometime so that the potential is and hope is we can vote as a league some time in May."

Wrapping up the sale involves a three step process.

It means identifying a buyer, then having that purchaser vetted by the league's finance committee.

Finally, league owners will weigh in. We expect that to be at the owners meeting at the end of May.

Goodell also wrapped up the meeting by telling reporters that he has not been in contact with the investigator looking into allegations of sexual harassment and accusations of racial insensitivity by Richardson who was absent from the gathering of owners.

"The findings will be made public when we finish the investigation and reach a conclusion," Goodell said.

However, a representative of the league doesn't seem to know how concrete the actual results will be.

NFL spokesperson Brian Mc Carthy isn't sure how much of the findings will be released.

He said, "We're not going to comment on specifics of time lines at this point."

It's unclear if those findings will be released before or after the team has a new owner.

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