Residents vote 'no' to Indian Land becoming its own town

(Amanda Foster | WBTV)
(Amanda Foster | WBTV)

LANCASTER COUNTY, SC (WBTV) - A debated topic in Indian Land resulted in a high voter turnout Tuesday, with 42 percent of voters coming out to precincts.

In an 1,853 to 9,086 vote, residents decided to keep the area an unincorporated part of Lancaster County.

"We're easily outvoted on anything that would be of interest to the Indian Land panhandle," John Delfausse, a resident who organized incorporation efforts said Tuesday.


The attempt to make Indian Land its own town was years in the making, but voters saw issue with the possibility of more government and further taxes.

"There's lots of great economic spending happening, we don't need government to slow that down," one voter said at the polls.

If passed, the change would have meant residents would be paying town and county taxes and supporting their own police department and roadwork. Organizers say it would have been worth it.

"We don't think, for the ability to be able to control your own destiny and control what's happening, that that's a lot of money to spend," Delfausse said.

Delfausse said development in Indian Land over the years now means overcrowding and that county council is not hearing resident concerns.

"Everything is getting approved without consideration for the infrastructure," he said.

But Lancaster County Council member Brian Carnes said the county has made steps to fix this, starting with a development ordinance in 2016.

"Since then we had two or three rezonings for developments, which is drastically down from what it was," he said.

Those who voted yes are hoping that even though the vote was a loss for them, their voices will be heard.

"I would hope that somehow I could work between the county and developers and maybe have more input," Delfausse said.

County officials will meet on Thursday morning to go over any contested ballots, finalizing the vote.

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