Young people in Charlotte call for change in 'March for Our Lives'

(Bria Bell/WBTV)
(Bria Bell/WBTV)
(Bria Bell/WBTV)
(Bria Bell/WBTV)

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Millions rallied Saturday in more than 800 cities across the nation, to call for stricter gun control in wake of the Parkland, Florida school shooting.

The "March for Our Lives" rally was organized by survivors of that school shooting which left 17 people dead in February.

There were massive crowds in cities like Washington D.C., Los Angeles and Atlanta.

Thousands in Charlotte joined in on that movement Saturday in Uptown.

Students, parents and other supporters flooded First Ward Park, holding signs and chanting to demand change.

For the most part, the weather held off as hundreds of people were at the park to have their voices heard about school safety and gun control.

"No more silence, end gun violence," they chanted.

Students, teachers and parents filled First Ward Park in uptown pleading for gun safety reform and to give students better protection from guns inside schools.

"No longer will we sit wait and stare for the people who will choose a $5 bill over a 5-year-old's life," a Charlotte student said.

Those who carried signs and chanted their way from First Ward Park to Marshall Park said young people across the country should be worried about their books, not bullets.

Many of these young people will enter the voting booth over the next several years, and they want people to know they'll be heard.

Children as young as 4-years-old were out with their own posters and signs taking part in the movement.

Parents said the experience serves as a teaching tool for the reality that we face as a nation.

"You have to have those hard conversations because it's in social media. They see it. They have iPads, they see TV, their friends, so you can't avoid things like this. You have to learn from it and move forward," one parent said.

The gun law battle will continue on April 20, which is the anniversary of the Columbine shooting.

Students across the area and the nation plan to walkout out of school in honor of those victims.

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