Charlotte man takes hundreds of kids to see Black Panther Movie

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The Black Panther challenge is a nationwide movement to try and get as many young people of color to go see the newest Marvel super hero movie that features a nearly all black cast.

For weeks, Tracey Suggs has been raising money and taking young people to see the movie.

Over the past 5 weeks, he has taken nearly 300 kids to see the film in three separate cities, including Charlotte.

"From this movie, you learn that so much of what you can achieve and so much of what you are able to do in life will come from within," said Suggs.

It started with a GoFundMe page and ended Saturday with the final trip to the theater with nearly 70 children.

"Seeing how many kids at the end of the movie, raising that hand and saying, 'I have dream, I have goals I want to accomplish.' Being able to tell them you can achieve those goals and dreams," said Suggs.

"So much to be done, so many to reach, so many to empower. It all starts with you looking deep inside yourself and saying no matter what my situation is or circumstances are, there is something I can give."

Suggs says representation is important and the lessons learned through the film could change a child's outlook and future.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Chief, Kerr Putney also came to show his support.

"I hear there are a lot of lessons in this movie, a lot of lessons that are relative to life. I want them to know they have a community around them that cares," said Chief Putney. "Show them we have similar interests.

Suggs has partnered with several local organizations including the Charlotte Housing Authority and the Greater Enrichment Program.

"To see the joy in their faces, it really gives me life," says Suggs.

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