Charlotte teens prepare for Saturday's 'March for Our Lives'

Charlotte teens prepare for Saturday's 'March for Our Lives'

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Saturday morning, some young people and supporters will take to the streets of uptown Charlotte as part of a massive nationwide demonstration.

The "March for Our Lives," is motivated by the deadly school shooting in Parkland Florida.

In Charlotte, the event will start with a rally in First Ward Park.

Thousands are expected to come out rain or shine to the event almost entirely organized by teenagers.

"I can vote and I have a voice in this country, but I'm still in high school," organizer Carly Lerner said.

Lerner met fellow student Maddie Syfert on social media.

The teens attend different schools but have spent the last few weeks putting this event together, including logistics, permits and insurance, tasks not usually part of a high school senior's schedule.

"It's funny because [adult helpers] are like 'does 12:30 work?' I'm like oh, I have to take a quiz first period, so no," Lerner said.

As their plans push forward, some on social media are pushing back.

"My mom kept telling me don't feel bad, they're just people behind computers, but I don't know, we're still kids," Lerner said.

Several speakers lined up for a morning rally, including two Sandy Hook shooting survivors.

"It was because of luck my classmates and I were able to walk out of the gym closet and continue on with our lives," one of those speakers said in a practice speech Friday.

An idea to spread the social movement to Charlotte is nearing reality for these teens.

"We put this whole thing together and there's going to be thousands of people here, it's pretty crazy," Lerner said.

After the 11 a.m. rally at First Ward Park, the group will march to Marshall Park.

CMPD said there is "appropriate staffing" in place to cover the event.

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