'Heartbroken' best man from viral photo has to make way for baby in new photoshoot

'Heartbroken' best man from viral photo has to make way for baby in new photoshoot

(WBTV) - First comes love, then comes marriage. Then comes another photoshoot before the baby carriage.

Last year, a set of best friends went viral when photos of the best man pretending to pout during the wedding were posted online. Now, they are back for the sequel.

Lindsey Berger, an Ohio photographer, posted a set of playful photos from a wedding that she shot of a couple who got married over the weekend.

Berger says that Brittney and her fiance, Kody, initially came to her with an idea they had seen on Pinterest and wanted to include Kody's best friend (and best man), Mitch. The couple had "I Do" spelled out on the bottom of their shoes and Mitch sat next to them with "N'T" to change the message to "I don't."

During the wedding, they had a follow-up photo shoot.

"I just thought these kids were so much fun so I asked the bride and Mitch's girlfriend if they thought the boys would go for it and they did," Berger said. "I thought it would be funny to do a follow-up to the original, just to show how Mitch was handling it!"

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"We've even been asked for an update," she said back in June. "Don't worry, we will be sure to take a follow-up picture once the couple gets pregnant."

And... they did.

Berger sent an email to WBTV on Friday to announce that Brittney and Kody were adding a new member to their family.

"So, of course, we had a shoot with Mitch to announce!!" she wrote. "They are having a baby boy in April and we thought this would be fitting!"

The pair duplicated their kissing photo, with "lonely Mitch" to the side. This time, a pair of baby booties were separating them with "Hey Mitch" written on the bottom.

Good luck, Mitch. And congrats on the new bundle of fun, Brittney and Kody!

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