CMS parent upset 5-year-old daughter allowed to walk off campus alone

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A Tuckaseegee Elementary School parent is upset after his 5-year-old daughter was reportedly allowed to leave campus by herself and later found at a Rite-Aid Pharmacy, located a quarter of a mile away from the school.

Y'Duen Buondap says it was dismissal time Monday. He says his daughter was to catch the bus home, but instead the teacher allowed her to walk off campus.

The father believes staff should have known better.

"My kid just walked alone," the father said. "If the wrong hands, my kid's not able to be with me today."

The father says his daughter was confused. He is thankful a family friend was in the right place to see his child by herself. He says with safety on everybody's minds, this situation left him shaken.

"I am so upset, that night I couldn't sleep because I see things happen around the world and in the Charlotte area," he said.

Phillum Ksor is a family friend.  He says he was driving with his son in the car when his son recognized the little girl.

Ksor turned around and saw the girl with her book bag and lunch bag all alone.

"It's not good at all," Ksor said. "I saw her walk. My son cry too. I cry too. She cry too."

Ksor immediately reunited the girl with her family. The family thanked Ksor over and over.

"Thank you for your help," Ksor said. "I say no problem."

Charlotte-Mecklenburg School district (CMS) released this statement about the incident:

"The safety of students and staff is always a top priority for CMS. School officials have met with the student's parent and extra security measures have been put into place."

The district says it is tightening up its procedures to make sure this doesn't happen again. CMS says these steps will be put in place to protect kids.

  • Teachers having a clip board to track student dismissal routes.
  • Texting parent to confirm that child has been placed on the school bus.
  • Putting children in line order to ensure children are accounted for and present when dismissing to buses.
  • Calling parents to verify any changes in dismissal procedures to ensure the child's information on any dismissal change is accurate.

The father hopes these measures will work so no other parent will have to experience what he went through.

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