Gaston Co. family scammed out of rent money after fire destroys home

Courtesy of family
Courtesy of family

GASTON COUNTY, NC (WBTV) - Members of a Gastonia family are finding themselves swindled out of their hard earned money, right after losing their home in a fire.

Three generations of the Floyd's lived under one roof, now destroyed by flames.

Wednesday, Chasate Floyd and her mom sort through the charred remains that were once their belongings.

"It's like a scary movie," she says.

According to the Gastonia Fire Department, the fire started with the clothes dryer.

"As soon as my niece turned the dryer off, fire just came everywhere," Floyd says.

The family was sitting just feet away.

"As soon as I hit the door it started spreading faster…we just kind of had to watch our house burn up," Floyd said.

Now, as the Floyds find a new home, they face another setback.

"We basically got scammed out of our money," she says.

The family paid nearly $1,000 cash to the bank account of someone they thought was a landlord, but a call to the real renters of the home proved they made a mistake.

"They actually said there was no one by the name that worked there," Floyd says.

The mom says moving forward is all about attitude.

"I've had my pity party for two days, and it's time to get up and keep it moving," she says.

Friends have set up a GoFundMe for the family:

The Peninsula Club in Cornelius, where Chasate Floyd works, is collecting donations for the family a well.

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