Matthews leaders list "non-negotiables" to stay in CMS

MATTHEWS, NC (WBTV) - The Town of Matthews is still unsure if it will use a pending house bill to break off from Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools and create its own charter district.

Town leaders held a joint meeting with CMS leaders Tuesday to discuss options for students in the area.

In a survey taken by a mediator, leaders say they have several non-negotiable terms to remain within CMS. Those include keeping Matthews students inside Matthews area schools, developing a plan for removing the trailer classrooms on some campuses and establishing an area superintendent.

According to CMS numbers, of the 5,843 students in Matthews-areas schools 2,681 of them live in the town. There are approximately 5,300 total school-age children living within Matthews town limits.

The purpose of Tuesday's meeting was two-fold. Each side wanted to open a line of communication and build trust.

Some other issues the town brought up included safety on school campuses, especially inside trailer classrooms and a commitment from the school board to stick with the current student assignment plan.

While some town leaders say they are interested in pursuing the house bill even if they do not immediately use it, CMS leaders are asking them to pull it altogether. Both sides agreed to meet again to further the discussion.

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