Tonight at 11p: Vape shop owner sells MISLABELED "CBD oil"

Tonight at 11p: Vape shop owner sells MISLABELED "CBD oil"
Mooresville Police Department

MOORESVILLE, NC (WBTV) - Once again, a teen overdosed on something mislabeled as CBD oil and is giving the medicine a bad name. Parents who use it for their sick kids the way it was intended say they are irate.

A vape shop clerk sold what was labeled as "Black Diamond CBD oil" to a Mooresville High School... investigators say it was actually a Schedule I controlled substance called 5-Fluoro ADB which can be very dangerous. That clerk is now in jail, held under a $75,000 secured bond.

No word on the name of that student or how they're doing.

This is EXACTLY what I wrote about two weeks ago, when Cabarrus County Schools sent out a press release saying multiple students had overdosed on what they called CBD oils.

In that post, from March 5, moms of sick kids using CBD oils said they were worried teenagers weren't fully aware that CBD oils CAN'T GET YOU HIGH, and if you take tons of the oil hoping to get stoned, you will get sick.

WBTV's Alex Giles is in Mooresville finding out more about what happened at the vape shop on North Main Street. He's also talking with a Kannapolis mom whose child has been using this strain of medical marijuana successfully for years.

Alex's story on WBTV News at 11p.

But again, for anyone confused about CBD oils, read the link from two weeks ago >>

See you at 11p.


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