First day of spring will seem like winter in NC mountains overnight

LINVILLE, NC (WBTV) - At 12:15 Tuesday, spring officially arrived in the North Carolina mountains.

Temperatures were relatively warm and many people were wearing short-sleeved shirts. That did not last long. As the afternoon wore on, the wind picked up, temperatures started to drop, and rain moved in late in the day.

That won't be the end of it, though. Behind the rain, snowfall is expected.

Some sections in the mountains could see more than half a foot. That is good news for the ski slopes that are still open and hope to stay open for the weekend. Some local folks, though, are ready for warmer weather.

Janelle Jones was out for a walk with her two young boys and was hoping the first day of spring was a goodbye to winter.

"No more snow," she said.

March, though, can bring all sorts of weather changes in the mountains. There have been blizzards in some years, record warmth in others.

Bill McGinnis says as much as people do look forward to the first day of spring, "It is still just another day on the calendar to us."

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