Customers say consignment store closed without paying them or returning clothes

HICKORY, NC (WBTV) - Several women in Caldwell County say they're left with nothing to show after a Hudson consignment store owner agreed to sell their clothes but closed and didn't pay them money owed or return their items.

"It's more about the lying is what it is and taking what's not yours," said Harley Wagner.

Wagner says she took her prom dress to 'The Clothes Attic' last year.

"I wanted to sell it so I could get my money back or at least half my money back for what I had paid for it," Wagner told WBTV. "The dresses were marked for $180 or $160. They get 50 percent and I was to get 50 percent so it was half and half."

But Wagner says she never received anything. She says the first of January she noticed there was a new store at the location where 'The Clothes Attic' used to be on Hickory Boulevard in Hudson.

Wagner says she "messaged the lady a couple of weeks ago online on Facebook and I reached out to her several times and she agreed to meet me. I even sent her a picture of my dress. To me she made it seem like she still had it. Then she never responded back. She ended up blocking me online, haven't tried to contact me any type of way since."

"I was very angry at first" said Hillary Lowman.

Lowman says she too is waiting to hear from the owner of the consignment store. Lowman says last July she dropped off her wedding dress from a previous marriage to The Clothes Attic for an estimate.

"I paid $500 when I bought it. I believe that she said she would try to sell it for around $125 I believe," Lowman told WBTV.

Lowman says she hasn't seen her gown and three unused bridesmaid dresses that she she dropped off.

She says when she returned to get the contract, the store would be closed during business hours.

"I went to the store, went up to the door and tried to open it and it was locked and there wasn't anybody in the store," she said. "All the phone numbers that I tried to look up for that business were not in service."

Then, one day the store seemed closed for good.

Lowman says she sent the owner a message on Facebook.

"I've been trying to get in touch with you guys to try and find out what's going on with my dresses and now it looks like your shop is closing and the owner responded they were closing and they were going to reopen a new shop and when they reopen the new shop I can come and get my dresses and then I asked her when and where and she never responded," Lowman told WBTV.

Both Lowman and Wagner say they want their items back.

The woman who owned The Clothes Attic declined to be interviewed but she told WBTV that her contract with people selling clothes stated if clothes weren't sold after three months they had to pick it up. She also said when her store closed in September, she notified customers and told them that they had until the end of the year to pick up their clothes.

The owner says she sold the unclaimed dresses for a total of about $400.

The Better Business Bureau says if people plan to use a consignment shop, they should make sure they read and understand the contract.

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