Need allergy relief? Try these household hacks!

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Get excited. Spring is officially 24 hours away! That also means those nagging spring allergies will be making its return as well!

The first few weeks of the spring season can be the worst for allergy sufferers. The days are longer with the time change so more daylight for the grass to grow and pollen to spread. Maybe you don't have that allergy prescription ready and at your fingertips just yet so we're helping you out.

There are things around your house that can help you get by if you start to feel symptoms.

LOCAL HONEY: As bees go from flower to flower, they end up covering themselves in pollen. That pollen then gets in the honey they're producing. By taking a spoonful of this a day, you consume that pollen and your body essentially build's immunity against it, minimizing your allergic reaction. This is all in theory.

SUSHI: Really it's the wasabi you're eating with the sushi that we're talking about. What happens when you eat wasabi? Your eye water and your nasal passages start to clear from the intensity of the heat. That is promoting mucus flow, which can help with sinus congestion which is a common allergy symptom.

NETI POT: Some of the other unpleasant symptoms of allergies is the stuffy nose and irritated passages. Grab a neti pot! The salt water mixture helps to thin the mucus and flush out the nasal passages.

SALINE SOLUTION: Speaking of saline rinse. You can create a mixture using some good ole' iodized salt. You're going to flush out one side of your nasal passage and the solution is going to come out on the other nostril.

You have to position your head just right so the solution drains out. Then try blowing your nose to clear out your passages.

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