St. Patrick's Day celebrations tie into March Madness bringing thousands to Uptown

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Downtown Charlotte is where two worlds collided, as the luck of the Irish intertwined with March Madness.

The sea of festive folks in green-packed bars and restaurants throughout Uptown, not only boosting business profits, but to bring people together and showcase unity, one of the themes behind St. Patrick's Day.

"You see whites, you see blacks, you see Hispanics, you see Chinese, you see Koreans – everybody is friendly." said one celebrator.

Casey Mason and Dirk Black had something else to showcase and celebrate this St. Patty's Day.

"I just got engaged," exclaimed Mason as she showed of her diamond ring.

And for Warren Cheney, who couldn't physically come out for the celebration due to other obligations, his friends made sure he was there in spirit through a paper cutout version of himself.

"So we brought him along with us because we don't want him to miss out on the greatest movement on Earth: St. Patrick's Day!" proclaimed one of Cheney's close friends.

As the St. Patrick celebrations wrap up, CMPD says they'll be out in force tonight checking for drunk drivers.

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