Animal shelter posts adorable photos of adoptable pets, but does it work?

GASTON COUNTY, NC (WBTV) - When Kerrie Brotzman started working at Gaston County's Animal Care and Enforcement 6 months ago, the shelter's Facebook page had around 3,800 "likes".

Now, the page has more than double that. But that's not the success story.

"People seeing the picture or the video of the dog rolling in the grass as opposed to sitting in the kennel shaking, that's what gets people to want to adopt that dog," Brotzman said.

Brotzman is a veterinary technician, but has taken on the role of social media manager for the shelter.

She routinely posts pictures of cats and dogs in costumes, or in adorable poses. The posts get hundreds of likes and shares. More importantly, the photos bring people in to adopt.

"They can see that dog or that cat in their life, and that's what brings them in," Brotzman said.

In the 6 months she's been working at the shelter full-time, adoptions have seen a 25% increase.

Brotzman is quick to point out, the whole team of employees has made the shelter a success. But her posts have helped share that success with the world and find new homes for animals.

"To be a part of that change, and that progression. It makes me feel great, we're doing something right," Brotzman said.

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