Crime Stoppers: No cash, serious charges

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Four serious charges, including kidnapping, await a man who police say robbed a donut shop.

It happened at 3:30 a.m. on a Saturday inside the Rise Biscuit and Donut shop on South Tryon in the Steele Creek area.

An overnight employee hears noises at the back door. He goes to investigate. It turns out to be a man with a story.

"[The crook] Tells the employee, 'I was hired by some female here and I'm here to pick up a key,'" said CMPD Detective Brandon Miller.

The clerk isn't quite sure but tells him to go ahead and look around for the key.

"The robber is kind of making his story a little more credible, acting as if he's looking for a key, but he's really looking for something valuable - cash or anything else he could possibly steal."

But the real employee spots a gun in the man's pocket and realizes what's up. He quickly comes up with a plan to try to slip away.

"So the employee was actually smart. 'Since this guy is looking for a key I'm going to tell him the key is outside in my car, that way it'll get me out of here.'"

For a brief moment it worked, but the crook followed him out and issued a threat.

"Robber tells him, 'get back here or I'm going to shoot you.'"

Back inside they both go. Here's where we see the employee back away with his hands up on surveillance video. The crook searches the cash register, only to find next to nothing.

"He doesn't even get cash, he gets a small amount of change. Let's us know this robbery wasn't even worth his time."

He got dimes, but no donuts for his trouble - and now faces four possible charges when caught: armed robbery, communicating threats, assault by pointing a gun, and kidnapping.

The one thing detectives want you to notice was his distinctive white hoodie with some design that matches his Jordan shoes. If you can tell us who he is by calling Crime Stoppers at 704-334-1600, we can match you with a nice reward up to $1,000 without leaving your name.

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