Duke University worker helped boyfriend rob 3 banks, police say

Duke University worker helped boyfriend rob 3 banks, police say
Credit: Photo provided to WNCN

RALEIGH, NC (WNCN) - Raleigh police say a Duke University employee is facing charges connected to helping her boyfriend rob three banks.

Mary Cicinnati, 54, had her first appearance in Wake County court this afternoon, shortly before posting bail.

In court Tuesday, Cicinnati made an emotional plea asking for her $10,000 bond to be lowered.

Cicinnati's boyfriend, Jimmy Godfrey, is charged with robbing three banks in Raleigh in February. Prosecutors say Cicinnati helped him.

"The co-defendants robbed three banks and while they were continuing to track them, this defendant is the girlfriend of one of them, destroyed evidence on the suspect's cell phone, made several attempts to lead them in different directions," the prosecutor said in court.

"So not true," Cicinnati said. "Sir," she said as she addressed the judge.

"Yes ma'am," the judge replied. "Again, I advise you of your right to remain silent. Any statement you make can be used against you. Is there anything you want to say about the bond?"

"I have a house that I can put up," Cicinnati said. "I need to get out and get to work."

"Where do you work," the judge asked.

"I work at Duke University," Cicinnati said.

She works in the counseling department. Her daughter says she helps students dealing with crises.

"She's saved so many lives," said Demi Cicinnati. "This is just absolutely insane."

"She was working when they are accusing her of having something to do with it," said Donna Allen, Godfrey's sister. "Me and her looked for him. We would've reported him. We wanted him picked up."

CBS North Carolina reached out to Duke University for a response about one of its employees facing charges.

The university said, "We have no comment."

Cicinnati's daughter did help her post the $10,000 bail. She will be back in court April 3.

Allen said Godfrey is in jail in Hillsborough and faces charges for another crime.