Student walkout

Casey Parsons, the adoptive mother of Erica Parsons, is in jail in Rowan County tonight charged with Erica's murder.  Parsons had been held in Florida on fraud charges but was transferred to Salisbury where she's charged with first degree murder, felony child abuse, felony obstruction of justice and felony concealment of Erica's death.

Tomorrow, students at Myers Park High and several other local schools planned to walk out of class in support of stricter gun laws.  They plan to spend 17 minutes for each of the 17 victims of the Florida school massacre.  We've asked how the CMS Superintendent plans to hand it, Dr. Wilcox says he doesn't condone it, but understands it.  They don't plan on discipline unless students leave campus and put themselves or others in jeopardy.

United Airlines under fire tonight after a flight attendant forced a woman to stow her bulldog puppy in the overhead bin.  That puppy wound up dying during the flight.

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