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Providence High students make rap video about food drive and its becoming viral

Screen grab of video Screen grab of video

It was supposed to be a creative way to start a little buzz about the Carolinas Student Hunger Drive.

“Last year’s cans video was a little underwhelming, so as upcoming seniors, we knew we wanted to do as best we could,” said Providence student Bryce Desai 

For the past seven years, students at Providence High School have made a music videos to get people talking and get more cans of food to feed the hungry.

A student originally from Russia who has a large social media following posted the video to her Facebook page and things kind of just took off from there.

Now more than 35,000 views later on Facebook and YouTube, the students are on their way to becoming viral.

“We did not expect that at all, but it’s really exciting that it’s happened,” said senior Kelly Berenfeld, who is one of the starts of the video.

She’s thrilled with the attention it’s gotten online, because that attention has served its purpose when it comes to food donations.

“We’ve gotten more money and food than we have in a while. And our goal is to raise 50,000 pounds of food and we’re actually really close to that goal,” Berenfeld said.

A clever idea that will end up doing some good in the world. A good example of kids that will no doubt, grow up to do the same.

If you’re interested in helping Providence students achieve their goal, you can donate money online at their website.

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