Hornet's Nic Batum donates sports wheelchairs to Charlotte team after theft

(Photo courtesy Jessica Martin)
(Photo courtesy Jessica Martin)
(Photo courtesy Jessica Martin)
(Photo courtesy Jessica Martin)

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Generosity seems to be spreading, thanks in large part to you!

Nic Batum, starting guard at the Charlotte Hornets, is now donating two sports wheelchairs to the Charlotte Rollin'' Hornets after hearing about an anonymous donation from someone with the Carolina Panthers, according to the Coach Mike Rollin Coach Godsey.

This all started when someone stole an SUV in Clover, South Carolina a week ago. In the back of the SUV was Nick Lewis' sports chair. He plays on the Charlotte Rollin' Hornets basketball team.

The sports chairs players like Noah use are very expensive. As you can imagine, the entire family was crushed.

After WBTV shared Noah's story on air and online, an anonymous donor from the Carolina Panthers donated the money to buy a new chair for Noah.

The young man could hardly contain his excitement when his mom, Jessica Miller, told him the news.

VIDEO: Son to receive 'second pair of legs' after wheelchair stolen

Thanks to so many viewers sharing Noah's story, Batum, who has supported the Charlotte Rollin' Hornets in the past, wanted to help out again with this generous gift.

According to Rollin' Hornets Coach Godsey, this donation from Batum means there will be enough chairs for all the kids on the team to have a chair!

When Coach Preston Howell told the team the news on Tuesday, Jessica Martin got their reaction on tape (above) along with a very big "thank you" for Batum from the team (below).

The Charlotte Rollin' Hornets is a volunteer-based nonprofit. They give kids like Noah, who lost his ability to walk from spina bifida, a chance to enjoy the thrill of competitive basketball and learn the lifelong lessons of great teamwork.

To make a donation to the Charlotte Rollin Hornets, click here.

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