BLOG: 911 calls and Governor signs bill. Big day in Parkland

BLOG: 911 calls and Governor signs bill. Big day in Parkland

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Today was a big day for Parkland. The Governor signed a gun law and the 911-calls came out from Valentine's Day. They're gripping. They should be shared.

You hear panicked parents calling dispatchers on one phone while they're on another line with their kids hiding in closets inside the school. Or under desks. Or pretending to play dead. There are students themselves calling 911, talking in inaudible whispers because the gunman is a room away.

Also released today, radio transmissions between law enforcement, including the school resource officer who stayed outside the building the whole time. He said he did because he didn't know the shots were being fired inside.

Only, the calls seem to show he did know. At one point, he radioed that the disturbance was happening "inside".

You can read more here.

(That SRO, Deputy Scot Peterson, has been highly criticized for never entering the building to confront the shooter. He has denied any wrongdoing. He has since retired.)

As for the law Florida Governor Rick Scott signed, it does four main things:

  • Raise the minimum age to buy rifles to 21.
  • Extend a three-day waiting period to include long guns.
  • Ban bump stocks.
  • Create a program that lets school employees carry handguns.

A collage of those 17 people killed sits on my computer desktop as a reminder of what was lost.

Again, I know. Friday night. Let's just hang out and relax, right? Well, basketball is on. Carolina v Duke soon.

I'll be watching from newsroom. See you after the game for our slightly-later-than-11pm show.


PS: If you do want more on Parkland update, click here.

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