Dad: Son 'definitely capable' of carrying out school shooting threat

HUNTERSVILLE, NC (WBTV) - A man accused of threatening to shoot up a Huntersville school was brought to police last month by his dad, who reported being "very scared."

Christopher Buck brought his son, 27-year-old Michael Buck, into the Huntersville Police Department on Feb. 16 and said that Michael "recently made a threat to shoot up a school."

Michael Buck was arrested Thursday in the case and charged with making a false report concerning mass violence at an educational facility.

He was being held in the Mecklenburg County Jail under a $1 million bond. During his first court appearance Friday, he was released on a promise to reappear.

After Judge Fritz Mercer made that announcement, Buck's parents said "Oh No." They left the courtroom concerned and said their son could not come back to their home.  Things soon changed after the parents left the courtroom.

After Friday's afternoon hearing, the DA's office took steps to ensure the defendant was properly represented by Counsel and then revisited the matter with the courts, and the court then set a $50,000 secured bond. Buck's parents want their son to remain in jail.

Christopher Buck told police that his son had become increasingly more paranoid and aggressive over the weeks prior. "He stated that Michael said on numerous occasions that he wanted to kill both Mr. Buck and his wife," the warrant states.

Christopher told police making threats is nothing new for his son, but said Michael's mental state had been "steadily declining" over the last few weeks.

Michael reportedly attempted to stab his father with a kitchen knife in the past.

Christopher said that when he left his home that morning he was "very scared" and that his wife "begged" him to report the threat to police.

"Mr. Buck stated that Michael is definitely capable of carrying out one of his threats due to his current mental state," according to the warrant.

Christopher says his son was previously treated for schizophrenia and substance abuse and had recently threatened a psychologist.

The Huntersville Police Department says it takes all threats toward citizens seriously.

Based on the nature of the case, a search warrant was issued to search Michael's cellphone, computer, home, and car.

Police did not specify what school Buck made the threats against and no further information was released.

The Goddard School in Cornelius sent a letter letting parents know that Buck was the son of a woman that works at the school, but has never been in the school, on the property or had any contact with the children in the school.

The letter says that he did, however, threaten the owner of the school years ago.

The owner of The Goddard School franchise in Cornelius is a former FBI agent, and the letter specifies that this occurred several years ago but was only recently revealed to the Police and FBI.

The threats were made in his capacity as an FBI Agent not as the owner of the school, The letter says that no Goddard School was ever involved in the threat nor was any specific school named.

WBTV spoke with one of Buck's neighbor's Thursday night. Lauro Munoz told WBTV he has lived next to Buck's family for several years and has watched Buck grow up into a young man. Munoz has fond memories of Buck and his sister growing up next door.

"They were nice, outgoing kids," said Munoz.

He said Buck was a good kid, but seemed to get into trouble as he grew older. He said the young man has had to leave his home in the past.

"He's been taken away a couple of times," said Munoz.

Munoz said that Buck seemed to have issues and would appear to be paranoid. A couple weeks ago he noticed several law enforcement officers outside of Buck's home including someone from the FBI.

"They took his computer, and his dad said (they) took his phone also," said Munoz.

The neighbor said he was shocked to learn about the charge Buck is facing and never expected this outcome. He also said he never saw Buck with any weapons.

"I never saw him get violent," said Munoz.

The neighbor said he has offered words of encouragement to Buck in the past and has even tried to get the young man a job. He hopes that Buck can still get his life on the right track.

"I hope that this time around he really gets the help that he needs," said Munoz.

Michael Buck is due back in court on March 21.

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