It's 'just an apron.' But the gift means the world to this little girl

SHELBY, NC (WBTV) - Sunday morning at the Food Lion on Post Rd. in Shelby, a little miracle happened.

It's not something that would make the front page of the local newspaper. In fact, it probably wouldn't be mentioned in the newspaper at all. Because it's just a story about an apron.

Tasha Haskin went to the Food Lion to pick up a few things. Her 10-year-old daughter, Laney, was with her.

"Laney loves to bag the groceries so I always ask the cashier to let her, and they always do," Haskin said.

Laney has Down syndrome and has faced some challenges in her life. Simple things make her happy beyond measure. So, Sunday while little Laney was smiling from ear to ear and bagging groceries, a store manager working as a cashier noticed.

"The cashier at the next register asked me if she [Laney] could have her very own apron, and of course I said yes," Haskins said.

Real baggers wear aprons. Within seconds, Laney went from a "pretend" bagger to a pretty official-looking, real-life worker. But, it's just an apron. An apron given by one of the store managers, Bre Stokes.

While the apron is just a piece of cloth, what it represents is far more important.

"I was in the office crying after they left," Stokes said.


Because Laney's reaction to getting a simple apron was nothing short of infinite joy. And to be able to provide that kind of joy for a child is a pretty wonderful thing according to Stokes.

It's pretty amazing what you can do with "just an apron."

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