Dangers of leaving TVs, furniture unsecured

(CBS News) - It's National Consumer Protection Week and one government agency is reminding parents about the dangers of leaving TV's and furniture unsecured.

Last week, authorities say a child in Georgia was killed when a mirror fell on her.

Two-year-old Ifrah Siddique was with her family at a Payless Shoe Store outside of Atlanta when a mirror fell on her. She was rushed to the hospital but died from her injuries.

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"This is really unexpected...we're all in a state of shock," Aqib Iftkhar, who is Ifrah's cousin, said. The girl's cousin says the mirror was not properly secured.

"She was only two, she didn't really get to live."

Payless issued a statement saying it's working with authorities.

These types of accidents are more common in the home and often occur when children climb on furniture. Last year, a mother in Utah posted a video of her sons bringing down a dresser. Luckily, one brother was able to free the other.

The boys weren't hurt but in many cases the results can be tragic.

Ann Marie Buerkle from the Consumer Product Safety Commission says from 2000 to 2016, 431 children have been killed in tip over accidents.

"Unfortunately, on average a child can die every 10 days or so with a tip over accident, about every 30 minutes a child can be injured as a result of this," she said. "We encourage parents to go room by room and asses and see whether or not their is any hazard in that room that can result in a tip over."

A simple anchoring device can prevent a tip over. New furniture often comes with one or they can be purchases separately.

You should also remove TVs from the tops of dresses along with any tempting items that might encourage kids to climb.

Simple steps that can prevent a tragedy.

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