Charlotte brewery in the crossfire of trade war

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Production lines are sometimes perceived as art in motion, but this perception of beauty may be tainted by the ugliness of what a potential trade war could bring.

Todd Ford, the owner and the founder of Noda Brewing Company, and his business could be squeezed from several angles.

He said, "We're a big user of aluminum products. canned beverage products. We order millions of cans a year so even a penny difference to a can, will make a big difference in our bottom line."

Ford's bottom line decisions are being impacted by proposals of tariffs connected to the steel and aluminum industry from the Trump Administration could hit his business from several sides.

A 10 percent tariff would impact the cans headed to market, but it doesn't stop there.

Beer brewed there is made in stainless steel tanks, and imported materials for new containers like this could be hit with a 25 percent duty fee.

Steel kegs are also impacted by the tariff's as well.
"Any additional growth means additional tanks, and those tanks will be at a higher price, and that where the dilemma lies," Ford said.

Future growth for Todd Ford and his staff of just under 50 is one challenge, but current economic conditions have him bracing for a possible hit.

"We try to run a lean mean family business to do the best we can to make sure we don't throw away excess money but it's gonna be tough on us," Ford

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