‘Blue’s Clues’ is coming back to TV. Here’s how you can be the next Steve.

‘Blue’s Clues’ is coming back to TV. Here’s how you can be the next Steve.
Nickelodeon announced it’s rebooting ‘Blue’s Clues,’ and the network is seeking a new host for the show. (Credit: Screen shot of Nickelodeon Casting's tweet)

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (LaVendrick Smith | The Charlotte Observer) - Blue is back.

Nickelodeon announced this week it's rebooting "Blue's Clues." The popular kids show debuted in 1996 and followed a dog named Blue who would leave clues behind for the show's host and viewers, so they could determine the activity she wanted to do.

The network picked up 20 new episodes of the show and is expected to start filming this summer, according to Entertainment Weekly.

The new "Blue's Clues" is missing one thing: A new host.

Preschoolers in the late '90s grew accustomed to watching host Steve Burns and his successor Donovan Patton follow Blue around the home, but now the network seeks a new host to investigate the puppy's blue paw-prints.

Nickelodeon is holding an open call in April in California to find Blue's new owner. Anyone between the ages of 18 to 25 can register to audition.

The new-age "Blue's Clues" will be slightly different for today's preschoolers, according to Variety, which reported Blue will look more three-dimensional.

The overall premise of the show won't change though, just in case intrigued 20-somethings looking for a nostalgia fix are wondering.

"I think they will probably be passionate about protecting it and making sure we do it right," an original producer told Variety.