Man running for sheriff in Union Co. upset after bullet shot through campaign sign

UNION COUNTY, NC (WBTV) - Running against an incumbent can sometimes be an uphill battle, but Brian Crump didn't think his bid for the position of sheriff in Union County would see hurdles like the ones he's seeing with his campaign signs.

"I've delivered 600 signs now personally and probably 100 of them have either disappeared, they get pulled up, some of them are being stomped on" Crump explained.

He posted pictures online of a bent sign and a poster with a bullet hole right through the picture of his head.

"It's disturbing. Disgusting it what it is," he said.

Crump, who funds his own campaign, said he's just trying to run a fair race. While it stings to see his signs damaged, the destruction of property also hurts his pockets.

"I don't have that kind of money. I've got signs coming in next week to replace the ones that are broken," he added.

He'd like for his money not to go to waste. He thinks that the people doing this don't want to see him in office and he had has a message for them.

"Grow up. Treat those as if they were yours. Let's run a fair campaign and let the voters speak for themselves," Crump said.

WBTV reached out to the current sheriff in Union County, Eddie Cathey.

A spokesperson for the sheriff's office said they weren't aware of any reported campaign sign thefts and that they would not tolerate that kind of behavior during the campaign. They said Sheriff Cathey's signs have been taken before too and they say they will investigate any reported issues with campaign signs in the county.

Crump said he's not going to let busted signs burst his bid for sheriff.

"I made a joke out of it. I put a band aid on it and put it back up. You can't intimidate me," he said.

According to North Carolina state law, it is illegal for a person to steal, deface, vandalize, or unlawfully remove a political sign that has been lawfully placed.

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