Mom says when family car was stolen, they also took son's 'second pair of legs'

(Credit: Jessica Martin)
(Credit: Jessica Martin)

CLOVER, SC (WBTV) - A car involved in a recent rash of car break-ins contained something very important to a Clover boy with Spina Bifida.

Jessica Martin, 30, says her mother's car was stolen Monday night with her 9-year-old son's wheelchair in the back. Martin said she and her son, Noah Lewis, just got back from a game in Birmingham, Alabama.

It was late so she decided to leave the wheelchair and Lewis' favorite basketball in the car, "the one time," she says. "We are going to nationals, but his second pair of legs will not be with him," Martin said.

The stolen car is described as a silver 2017 Ford Edge. Martin says the car was stolen out of the Timberlake neighborhood in Clover.

"So they took my mamas car and left and in the back of it was Noah's basketball chair along with his favorite basketball," Martin said. "Then neighbors were coming outside come to find out their cars were rummaged through also."

The York County Sherif's Office says they are searching for a 2017 Ford Edge with SC tag BSR493, which Martin says is her mother's license plate number.

A replacement wheelchair is $2,000.

Martin said they "just got back from a tournament and we've got nationals in three weeks and now his wheelchair that's something he sits in all the time that he's used to, if we're able to go to nationals, you know his second pair of legs is not there to be with him.

The boy, who plays on the "Rollin Hornets," is understandably upset.

Noah Lewis (Credit: Jessica Martin)

"Someone will probably give him a chair to hold, but it's not something he's used to and that he knows…it's like driving your own car you know how your car is driving, but not someone else's," Martin said.

A Facebook post, "We Need Your Help: Help Us Find Noah's Basketball Wheelchair!" is circulating.

"Nationals" are in April and the family hope's to have Lewis' chair back by then.

Anyone with information is asked to call York County Crime Stoppers at 1-877-409-4321.

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