Police: Man in jail on robbery charges accused of assaulting detention officer


GASTON COUNTY, NC (WBTV) - A man who is accused of robbing a Gaston County store clerk at gunpoint reportedly assaulted a detention officer while in jail.

According to the Lowell Police Chief, Deonte Brice, allegedly robbed the Lowell Mini Mart on Jan. 28. The incident was captured on surveillance camera. The suspect, who investigators believe is Brice, is seen pistol whipping an employee and her son in the process.

Brice allegedly injured the clerk's son so badly with the pistol that he went to the hospital with a severe cut to his forehead, according to the police report.

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"He kept telling my son 'I want the money, I want the money.' My son said 'I don't work here,'" the clerk said. "I said 'that's my son' and he said 'I will kill your son.' I said 'you can have whatever you want.'"

When Brice spoke to a judge in February, he said he wasn't the one who robbed the store.

"The charges that they got pending on me right now I don't know nothing about it. I was in Charlotte the whole time," said Brice.

The judge still issued Brice a $1 million bond. The suspect looked shocked at the decision, sinking into his chair. Brice then promptly slammed the table where he was sitting and left the area.

On Monday night, Brice allegedly assaulted a detention officer who was attempting to "discharge his duties," according to police. The police chief said the officer received a black eye and a cut to his face.

Brice was charged with assaulting a detention officer. He was booked in jail on robbery and assault charges. His bond was set at $1,125,000.

He is the second person to be charged in connection to the armed robbery. Dustin Bingham was also charged for his connection to the crime. Bingham faces charges of robbery with a dangerous weapon, conspiracy robbery with a dangerous weapon and possession of stolen goods.

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