Wrestling icon Ric Flair just got an outlandish gift for his 69th birthday

Wrestling icon Ric Flair just got an outlandish gift for his 69th birthday
Ric Flair is now part of owner of a champion horse. (Credit: Charlotte Observer)

CHARLOTTE, NC (Mark Price/The Charlotte Observer) - Wrestling icon and former Charlottean Ric Flair celebrated his 69th birthday this week, and one of his gifts was probably the last thing you'd imagine giving a famously loud-mouthed wrestler: Part ownership in a race horse.

The horse's name is Lost in Time and part ownership was presented by owner Scott Robinson during an event in Orlando, Florida, reported ProWrestlingSheet.com.

"Today is Ric's birthday, so…who would we be as a horse racing community if we didn't get Ric Flair a birthday gift?" Robinson said during the presentation. "He's got the best car, the best watch, the best clothes, the best of everything, but there's one thing you don't have Ric Flair. You don't have the best horse. I do! But guess what? Ric Flair, my gift to you, you now own a piece of Lost in Time."

Flair stood nearby as the announcement was made and seemed to be speechless at first. "Oh my god, thank you," said a stunned Flair said, before adding. "I'm holding you to that."

The announcement came at the Dan Patch Awards ceremony, an annual event staged by the United States Harness Writers Association. Flair was there as a celebrity guest set to announce the harness horse of the year.

Wrestling fans immediately began making puns connected to Flair's famous tenure as part of a WCW 1980s wrestling team called the Four Horsemen.

Flair played along, tweeting to his 3.6 million social media followers across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter: "Yes, I Am A Horseman! WOOOOO!"