WBTV Speak Out Editorial: Billy Graham - A Life That Mattered

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This week the world will pause to say their final goodbye to the Reverend Dr. Billy Graham.
People will come from all over to Charlotte and to the Nation's Capital to remember a great man who loved God, loved people and fulfilled his mission in life.

When we look at the life and legacy of Billy Graham - we stand amazed at the millions of lives he touched, his commitment to show people a better way, and to let everybody know God loves them.

His message was one of inclusion, one of forgiveness and one of change.
We are so proud he was born right here in Charlotte, North Carolina.
No doubt about it - The world lost a hero, lost a man who was the epitome of humility and grace.

We believe there will be not another like him.
While we lost the man known as America's Pastor.
We have gained an example of how to live a better life.
Graham showed us how you can still rise to the top and be respected by remaining humble.

What a life. 
Graham's message didn't cause division or hatred - but created unity and hope.

What can you do today to be little more humble.
What can you do today to live up to your God given potential like Graham did.
We ask that you do it.
And when your next challenge in life happens - simply ask yourself what would Billy do?

We are going to miss you Rev. Billy Graham but we will never forget your ways and your God.
Rest in Heaven

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