BLOG: 'Baby shower in a bag' for Mecklenburg County moms in need

BLOG: 'Baby shower in a bag' for Mecklenburg County moms in need
(Molly Grantham | WBTV)

. - This morning I learned that nearly 40% of babies born in Mecklenburg County are born to moms on Medicaid. Which is why Baby Bundles NC started.

A relatively new group partners with 17 organizations in Charlotte to give a "baby shower in a bag" to moms of newborns who need help. Blankets, diapers, clothes, pajamas, books, and toys are included. The bag will last the babies a full year.

Over 300 (I'm guessing on that number) people - not just women - filled a Myers Park church today to get all these facts. I was honored to emcee and learned tons myself.

My friend Krista Wilson told her own personal story of giving birth to a stillborn, after carrying the little girl for nine months. She was honest and raw and I was so proud of her for telling her tough truth to such a large crowd.

Krista has taken that experience and helped pour it into a way to creatively help other moms in our community who could use extra things for their own newborns.

Stephanie Lewter was pregnant at 15. Her mom was a Harvard graduate and her father was a senior pastor. They excommunicated her from the family because she wouldn't give up her child.

Yet, with the help of other kind people — in particular, a couple in their 50's who took her in and taught her to be an adult — Stephanie made it. She has since started her own local group helping other girls like her.

Look for Against All Odds Empowerment Center to learn more on how she's reaching out to teen girls finding themselves in a similar position. (Stephanie's daughter is now a junior in college, by the way.)

Heavy morning. But a really good morning.

Wanted to take a minute to shout out these two new organizations. So many groups do such good in Charlotte and they have to scrap and fight to get attention.

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