The business of Rev. Billy Graham

Graham's death driving business

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The Billy Graham name can be found on signs across Charlotte paying tribute to his legacy, but getting one's hands on hard copy acknowledging the life, times, and thoughts of the televangelist is challenging.

Local shelves are normally stocked with popular religious titles. However, when it comes to the works of one of Charlotte's best-known figures, the cupboard is bare at Park Road Books.

James Brewster has seen titles of publications with the name Graham make cash registers sing.

"We've sold out of everything," Brewster said. "We've had some calls and some walk-ins looking for anything we have. Everything we had went quickly in the first few days."

It's not just books, but sweet smelling arrangements being offered to the Graham family has workers at floral shops putting in extra hours.

"People from all over really, all over the nation, are just trying to send whatever they can to try to show their appreciation for Billy Graham," said Shane Warner with the Charlotte Flower Market.

Andy Thompson is among the operators of Rose Chauffeured Transportation, and many of the limos in fleet are booked for Friday's funeral.

"Two days ago, people were making plans to come to the Billy Graham Library on Friday," Thompson said. "This is an important event and we're here to get it done right."

And back at the bookstore, Brewster feels patience is a requirement.

"Right now, we can't order anything in. Everything is out of stock."

Tuesday is the final day that members of the public can pay their last respects to Billy Graham as it relates to viewing the casket.

The Billy Graham Library will be officially closed until March 5.

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