Gun control, arming teachers topics for some at Rowan gun show

SALISBURY, NC (WBTV) - On Friday, President Trump spoke about his reaction to the deadly school shooting in Florida, repeating his call for trained and armed teachers, and renewed efforts for stronger background and mental health checks for people buying guns.

It's a big topic this weekend in Salisbury where a popular gun show is being held.

Vendors come from several states bringing everything from handbags that can pack a punch…

"These are concealed carry purses for women that want to carry a gun," said a vendor named Betty. jewelry made from shell casings.

Show organizer Brandon Cupp says the show is more popular every year, and in the wake of the school shooting in Florida, the focus on guns and the rights of gun owners has also once again gotten big.

"It's a scary thing to know that you send your child there," Cupp said. "The odds are slim that anything happen at your particular school or any particular child, but it does happen."

This week the president, and others suggested training and arming teachers.

Some national teacher's groups, such as the National Education Association, have come out strongly against the idea.  Cupp gives it his qualified support.

"I agree with it to an extent as long as the proper training goes into it, as long as you have teacher than can put themselves in the right mindset to react to the situation, because it's a scary situation," Cupp added.

Cupp also says he thinks that all the talk about gun control will probably mean bigger crowds here this weekend.

"Whenever the media talks about gun control, pushes sales up, it always has, it always will," Cupp said. "I would expect a larger crowd this weekend than what we usually anticipate."

Cupp also brought up that he feels that government bodies are at odds with one another when it comes to background checks, saying that laws that protect privacy when it comes to physical and mental healthcare, also prevent the Department of Justice from doing a thorough background check.

The Salisbury Gun and Knife show runs on Saturday from 9 to 5 and Sunday from 10-4.

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