Charlotte law enforcement preparing for big turnout at Billy Graham's funeral

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - President Donald Trump along with hundreds of other prominent figures are scheduled to attend Reverend Billy Graham's funeral on March 2.

All living former presidents have been invited and the special guests will mean a lot of security in the Queen City.

Local law enforcement has dealt with presidential visits before but this funeral could mean several world leaders in Charlotte at the same time.

Police say they have a plan in place.

Because Revered Billy Graham touched so many hearts, a large turnout is expected here in Charlotte in the days leading up to his funeral.

Susan Pollygus wanted to see the memorial for America's pastor at the Billy Graham Library.

"Everybody knows Billy Graham. He has to touch your heart if you hear him talk. He's just America. Everybody knows him and he's just such a special person,"" Pollygus said.

It's no surprise to her that President Donald Trump will be coming for Graham's funeral.

"He deserves that honor I think," Pollygus said.

For the men and women of law enforcement, a presidential visit coupled with special trips from other dignitaries could prove to be a logistical challenge.

"This is significant. I don't think anyone in the country can anticipate the amount of people that would come in for an event such as this one," CMPD Deputy Chief Johnny Jennings said.

Of course Charlotte's dealt with motorcades before. President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden made stops in Charlotte during their tenure in the White House.

Officials say the Graham funeral will mean streets closed, more areas secured and officers coming in on their off days to keep everyone safe.

"We want people to be able to come in, pay their respects with little or no hassle," Jennings said.

To the public they're preaching patience.

According to a spokesman, President George Bush Sr. and his wife Barbara Bush will not be able to attend the funeral...

There's no word yet on whether we'll see some of the other former presidents in attendance at the funeral.

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