Mother of murdered woman says she is disgusted at justice system

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Wendy Neal Francosky was not in the mood to hold her tongue Thursday morning in court.

"I've had to face the fact that there's no justice for law abiding tax paying citizens," Francosky told the judge during her victim impact statement in the court proceeding for a defendant involved in her daughter's murder who pleaded guilty to a lesser charge.

"These senseless, tragic murders and crimes will continue to happen until our elected and appointed officials take a stand and start holding criminals completely accountable for their crimes," Francosky said. "Epic fail on all of you. Epic fail."

The defendant, Jerron Anderson, was originally charged with murder, attempted murder, and multiple counts of shooting a firearm into an occupied vehicle for the August 2016 drive-by shooting on Pineville-Matthews Road in Charlotte that killed 20-year-old Mary Tarr.

Investigators say the victim and another young woman realized they were dating the same man - the defendant's brother - Jalen Anderson. The women vandalized his car.

The prosecutor told the judge that later as Tarr and the other woman were driving in a car together they spotted Jalen Anderson.

"His response, however, was an overreaction - to say the least," Assistant District Attorney Tim Sielaff said. "They saw Jalen Anderson hanging out the passenger side of the vehicle that then chased them. There was a short but high-speed chase. Multiple rounds were fired at the victim's vehicle and Ms. Tarr was shot and killed.

The second woman survived her wounds.

Detectives say Jerron Anderson was in the car during the shooting, and later drove his brother - the gunman - to a hotel where they disposed of the murder weapon.

Sielaff told the judge that a witness said Jerron Anderson was the driver during the shooting.

The case was heading to trial but detectives say the witness became uncooperative when they went back to question him - and the prosecutor says it gave credence to the Jerron Anderson's claim that he wasn't the driver.

The state offered a plea agreement of 58-to-82 months in prison for accessory after the fact to first-degree murder in exchange.

"What my client's brother did was a drastic overreaction," Jerron Anderson's attorney said. "Our contentions from the very beginning has been that he was not driving. He did not have any control over what his brother did."

The shooter, Jalen Anderson, was sentenced last year to 20-25 years in prison.

Thursday morning, Jerron Anderson accepted the plea deal.

Wendy Neal Francosky was not so accepting.

She asked the judge to speed up the proceedings.

"I have to go collect my murdered child's property from evidence, and then to the car she was murdered in to collect her property and then back home so I can go to work and pay taxes to make sure Mary Tarr's killers have three hots and a cot," she said.

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