Threats to another school lead to lockdown at Salisbury High School

SALISBURY, NC (WBTV) - Salisbury High was operating under a Code Orange lockdown due to threats that were made to another school, according to SHS principal Luke Brown.

In a Connect-Ed call to parents, Brown said that there was an off campus threat directed towards another high school with the initials SHS.  That threat caused rumors to spread about Salisbury High.

Law enforcement confirmed that the original threat was not directed at Salisbury High.

Initially, Salisbury High was under a Code Yellow lockdown, but Brown said it was raised to Code Orange after there was an additional threat discovered on social media.

"You never want to have days like this," Brown said. "You never want to have a situation when you have to investigate things like this especially after the tragedy in Parkland, Florida, but I couldn't have asked any more of my staff or my students."

Police are investigating this threat, according to Brown.

"Anytime we receive a threat we have to proceed as if it's a real threat," said Lt. Greg Beam of the Salisbury Police Department."It seems to be possibly a computer worm or something like that that is just spreading nationwide."
A Code Orange lockdown means that all doors are locked, students are restricted to their classrooms, visitors are not allowed on campus, and teaching continues.

The lockdown was lifted just after 1:30 pm.

"I don't think anyone was alarmed today because we've studied and practiced these scenarios so we knew what we were doing and I think that was evident through the staff and the students," Brown added.

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