Courts may have to step in to provide relationship between Carruth and Chancellor

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Could former Carolina Panther Rae Carruth end up once again in a Mecklenburg County Courtroom? The answer is most likely yes, if he decides to pursue a relationship with his son Chancellor Lee Adams.

Former Mecklenburg County judge and local attorney Terry Sherill understands the process.

"He would have to come to court back here for that to happen," she says.

Based on one passage in Carruth's 15-page letter WBTV delivered to Chancellor's grandmother, Saundra Adams, he writes, "I'd give anything to have the opportunity to do right by Chancellor and play a meaningful role in his life."

"I don't think that we could go forward with a real relationship until there was some type of repentance," Saundra Adams told WBTV.

It is clear that establishing a relationship between father and son may not be an easy task. When WBTV spoke with Adams on Monday she suggested Chancellor's father is far removed as it relates to the care that goes into making his life easier.

Adams also added, "there's no way that he would be able to step into my shoes right now and take over. Even at 18 years old. The challenges that Chancellor has. He's still doing some things on like a two-year-old level or under."

Sherill summarizes what legal stance Carruth has regarding his own son.

"As I understand it, his parental rights were terminated. Any rights he would have to visitation, to child custody. All of that was terminated at the time his rights were terminated," Sherill said.

A 2005 bill passed by North Carolina General Assembly explains in detail on what stipulations the court can terminate a parent's right of any form of custody with their biological child.

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