REPORTER NOTEBOOK: Sarah-Blake Morgan discusses specifics of Rae Carruth interview

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Two days after speaking with Rae Carruth over the telephone from Sampson Correctional Institution, Sarah-Blake Morgan discussed the specifics of the interview with WFNZ's Chris Kroeger.

Morgan talked about how the story came together in less than a week.

"With this, we felt like we had to move fast," Morgan told Kroeger.

"When I was first approached about it you have to be skeptical. Obviously, I was very skeptical so we had to go through the proper channels in verifying that this person was who they said they were and that the letter was legitimate and this, of course, was before I talked to him on the phone," she said. "And once you talk to him on the phone the voice is exactly the same as it was in on-field interviews we had 20 years ago so it was no doubt."

Morgan also commented on some inaccuracies that surfaced nationally after the story aired.

"The word custody was never used," said Morgan.  "Never once did he say to me that he wants to take Chancellor away from Saundra."

She says the word custody has been put in headlines around the country. She calls that "a little inaccurate."

"In fact, he was very complimentary of the work that she's done with him," said Morgan. "So I do want to set that straight."

When Kroeger asked Morgan what's next for Carruth she answered with a calendar date: October 22, 2018, his scheduled release date as of now.

In previous interviews, Saundra Adams, the mother of Cherica Adams and grandmother of Chancellor Lee Adams, she said she would be waiting outside with Carruth's son at the prison gates when he is released.

"He told me that if that's his first interaction he doesn't want that to happen because he says he doesn't want the cameras around and doesn't want the media circus," said Morgan.

She believes Carruth is going to move back to California like he's claimed from behind bars and "live a very private life and he would like Chancellor to be a part of that."

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