Neighbors fed up with juveniles committing crimes on their street

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - People living on Flintridge Drive in Charlotte say it's been one issue after another.

"I've had my car broken into, pocketbook stolen. My front door - I had guess it's a BB gun from what I hear – and they shot the whole window out, whole glass window," said Kendra Clary.

"They broke in probably last week and put a gang sign on my fence, but I didn't call the police because they emptied it. What are they gonna do," said Steve Brinkley.

"It came from that hill over there, that side of the hill. This is the damage that it did. They were trying to shoot the window from that direction," said Mike Longo, whose new 2018 Volkswagen Convertible was damaged when someone shot a BB gun at it.

Longo, who says he's lived in the area for more than 25 years, says the situation is getting bad.

"It's an ongoing thing around here. Ongoing things. I found spent bullets in my yard here. Where they would shoot up in air I found a spent bullet right here in my yard," he said.

Neighbors say what's troublesome is that the culprits are juveniles.

"The parents of these people ought to be held responsible and be prosecuted. I'm concerned for my safety and I'm concerned for the safety of everybody in this neighborhood," Longo said.

Brinkley says "I'd like the police to patrol down through here."

Charlotte Mecklenburg Police say so far this year, they've had several reports of shots being fired on Flintridge Drive.

"No distinct patterns or trends but the calls do not give us a lot information about who is conducting this activity," said Lt. J.D. Furr.

Police say officers are trying to investigate but they need help.

"If I can implore residents to develop as much information as they can upon calling 911 and to make sure they call every time they see and hear something suspicious. Develop relationships with neighbors, share and exchange information," Lt Furr said.

CMPD says when neighbors report issues, the information is passed on to officers who keep an eye out. Police say people in all neighborhoods need to band together and watch out for each other.

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